RobotDyn Temperature and Humidity sensor - SHT1x

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Sensor SHT1x easy to use, accurate measurements, digital temperature and humidity. The high degree of calibration ensures high accuracy, excellent stability and long-term use.
Digital technology CMOSens® combines two sensors (temperature and humidity) and the data output circuit on a single chip.
All you need is to connect the sensor to the 2nd conclusions I2C microcontroller. And readout of temperature and humidity. Please note that the sensor uses the protocol data I2C.
To connect the sensor use the Arduino library SHT1x.

Technical details:

  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 5V
  • Low power consumption 30mW
  • Defined humidity: 0 ... 100% RH
  • Absolute humidity measurement accuracy +/- 2% RH (relative humidity 10-90%)
  • Determined by the temperature: -40 - + 128ºS ± 0,3%
  • Low Accuracy: +/- 0.3 ° C at 25 ° C
  • Sampling rate: ≤ 1 Hz