Basic SHIELD KIT for Wemos D1 mini / mini PRO Wi-Fi cards

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Basic SHIELD KIT for Wemos D1 mini / mini PRO Wi-Fi cards: double Basic shield + ProtoShield + button shield + Contact relay shield + data logger shield + DHT11 shield

The KIT contains:
1. Double Base shield-1 set
2. ProtoShield-1 set
3. Button shield-1 set
4. Contact relay shield-1 set
5. Protection of the data logger-1 set
6. DHT11-1 shield set
T&H Sensor Shield (DHT11)

SHIELD T&H sensor (DHT11)

The DHT11 is a precise and inexpensive SHIELD temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor includes an 8-bit ADC and provides reliable output results. It covers the needs of most home and daily application conditions.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 3.3 V
Current consumption: 2.5 mA MAX (in active state when data is requested)
Humidity range: 20-90% ± 5%
Temperature range: 0-50 ° C ± 2%
Sampling rate: ≤1 Hz

Contact Relay Shield

A very common contact relay to control the AC load (light, household equipment, etc.) or DC using the WeMos / WiFi D1 mini PRO card. The relay control pin is connected to the D1 mini I / O port D1. If you want to use another I / O port, just cut the connection to D1 and solder it to another pad, if necessary.

Technical specifications:

Control circuit voltage: 5 V DC
Maximum charging circuit voltage: 110 / 220V AC or 30V DC
Maximum load circuit current: 10A

Data logger shield, with PSTN

Data logger and PSTN shielding for WeMos / WiFi D1 mini PRO. This shield allows you to store data on an SD card. The included RTC (Real Time Clock) can be used to add a time stamp, so you know the exact time of each recording! The button cell backup battery maintains the clock in real time even when the power is turned off. The real-time clock has reverse polarity protection.

SD card type: microSD
Supported file system: FAT16 or FAT32
Backup battery type: CR1220
RTC pinout:

D1 - SCL
D2 - SDA
Pin assignment of the SD card:

D5 - CLK
D6 - DO
D7 - DI
D8 - CS
Button shield

The button is a shield commonly used with a wide variety of applications. By default, the button is connected to the D3 I / O port of the WiFi D1 mini. If you want to use another I / O port, just cut the connection to the D3 and solder it to another pad, if necessary.

Double base shield

The Dual Base Shield is designed so that you can connect another shield to the WeMos / WiFi D1 mini PRO without having to use the normal stacking method. This is useful when you have multiple shields that are not suitable for stacking together (such as relay shields), or when a lower profile is preferable.

Proto Shield

The Proto Shield is designed to be used with WeMos / WiFi D1 mini PRO cards. It allows you to create your own personalized shields and connect them directly to the WiFi D1 mini PRO. You can also stack several shields on top of each other with the pin bases supplied.

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