RobotDyn Motor Shield 1A L293B 2-motors for Arduino

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Motor Shield (1A) for Arduino allows you to control 2 DC motors: control the speed and direction of rotation, stop the motor or block movement. You can control each motor separately. You can also manage one bipolar stepper motor power up to 2A.

Motor Shield (1A) is based on the chip L293 with a supply voltage of 5-36V and peak voltage consumption of up to 1A per motor (channel). The board can be installed into the connector board Arduino: Uno, Duemilanove and Mega.

The board has LEDs indicator of the rotation direction for each motor.

Speed adjustment is performed using standard PWM mode (PWM) the signal of which can be supplied with the PWM Arduino pins 10 and 11 (digital output mode support wide-width modulation PWM).

There are 2 modes of the engine rotation control:

  • Direct control: Motor 1 - Outputs, 8, 9, 10 (PWM) / Motor 2 - outputs: 11 (PWM), 12.13,
  • Logic Control: Motor 1 - Outputs, 9, 10 (PWM) / Motor 2 - outputs: 11 (PWM) 13.

To change the control mode use switches on the board. Each channel has its own switch. In the Direct Control mode 3 Arduino outputs are used for each channel. In the Logical Control mode Arduino outputs 8 and 12 are released, only 4 digital outputs are involved.

Technical details:

  • Fourfold semi-channel H-Bridge driver: L293;
  • Logic Control Voltage: 5V (From Arduino);
  • Motor Driven Voltage: 6.5~12v(VIN Power Supply),4.8~35V (External Power Source);
  • Maximum power consumption: 5W;
  • Load current: total - 2A (1A per channel).
4 Items