Joystick Shield Card v1.2 for Arduino Compatible

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Test board plugged directly on the arduino, no welding required.
Five pushbuttons (joystick selection button 4+, just like the analogue push button of playstation 3)
two-axis thumb controller

the push buttons are connected to the digital pins 2-6; the related pin
will be weak when a button is pressed.


The movement of the Y axis will produce a proportional analog voltage on analog pin 0, while,
The movement of the X-Axis joystick will produce an analog signal on analog pin 1.
you can add RF interface nRF24L01, With the Nokia 5110's LCD interface, the development of the game is very simple.
possible to add a Bluetooth module interface, Bluetooth wireless serial communication.
Add an I2C communication interface, easy connectivity to I2C devices
JoyStick Shield to a PS2 joystick crossed with buttons, there are four round buttons,
2 small buttons.
Allows extension of the joystick and buttons.
Embedded switches can switch between 3.3V and 5V, can use this model for other 3.3V microcontroller platforms, such as STM32.

4 Items