MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0 MEGA 2560 Support IIC mega2560 Sensor Shield

Shield capteur / sensor pour Arduino Mega

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Compatible with Arduino Mega.
this board consists of many ports for connecting sensors and many ports for connecting modules.
a terminal power input.

Each input / output is contiguous to a VCC and GND pin for easy integration of modules and sensors.
It also incorporates pins to connect certain modules directly (bluetooth, SD card, RF APC220, RB URF V1.1, ICSP). As well as a reset button and a 2-pole screw terminal block for an external VCC, switchable with a jumper.

One of the photos details the connections. For dedicated connectors, pinouts are (from left to right, from top to bottom):

ICSP: RST, D52 / SCK, D50 / MISO, GND, D51 / MOSI, 5V
Bluetooth: 3.3V, GND, D0 / RX0, D1 / RX1, GND, 5V
SD Card: D50 / MISO, D52 / SCK, D53 / SS, D51 / MOSI, 5V, GND
APC220 (wireles): -, D19, RX1, D18 / TX1, -, 5V, GND
URF01 (ultrasound): 5V, D48, D49, GND

The jumper allows switching between the Arduino board power supply when the jumper is in place (300mA maximum), and the external power supply (no limit, but the GND must be the same as the Arduino). When the jumper is removed, all 5V power supplies become external.

7 Items

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