V5.0 Sensor Shield For Arduino Expansion Board Electronic Building Blocks

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for Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor launched expansion board, still only with laminated board design, not only will Arduino Uno all digital and analog interface to the servo line order form of expansion, but also ad hoc IIC interface, servo controller interface, Bluetooth module, communication interface module, communication interface, SD card APC220 RF module, ultrasonic communication interface the sensor interface, 12864 LCD serial and parallel interface, easy to use and convenient independent expansion. Arduino for beginners, not for complex circuit connection and a headache, this sensor expansion board on the true meaning of the simplified circuit, can easily connect the sensor, a sensor need only a general 3P sensor connecting line (regardless of the number connection line and the connecting line, complete circuit simulation) after the connection, the preparation of the corresponding Arduino program to read sensor data, Arduino controller or wireless module receives the return data, after processing, the final completion of your own interactive works easily.

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