SN75176BP SN75176B SN75176 75176BP 75176 DIP-8

SN75176BP - RS485 / RS422 Differential Transceiver, SN75176AP Enhanced, 4.75V to 5.25V Power Supply, DIP-8

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The SN75176BP is a differential bus transceiver. It is an integrated circuit designed for bidirectional data communication on multipoint bus lines. They are designed to have balanced transmission lines and meet ANSI TIA / EIA-422-B and TIA / EIA-485-A standards and ITU Recommendations V.11 and X.27. These devices combine a 3-state Differential Line Driver and a Differential Input Line Receiver, both operate from a single 5V power supply. The driver and the receiver are active on a high or low state, they can respectively be connected together externally to function as a steering command. The differential outputs of the driver and the differential inputs of the receivers are connected internally to form a differential input / output bus which are designed to provide a minimum load on the bus when the driver is disabled or VCC = 0. These ports