1 Channel 12V 30A Relay Board Module Optocoupler Isolation High/Low Trigger

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The module voltage: 12V
Output capacity: within DC 30V 30A or AC 250V 30A.
Using optocoupler isolation, strong anti-jamming capability and stable performance.
The module can be set high or low trigger.
With power indicator and working indicator.
To ensure stability, uses industrial grade PCB board and 9.5mm barrier terminals.
All interfaces can be connected directly via terminal wiring leads, very convenient.
Module Interface Description:
1. DC +: DC power supply positive;
2. DC -: DC power supply module negative;
3. IN: Signal input terminal(support High/Low Level switch freely);
4. Normally open (NO): Relay normally open;
5. Common terminal (COM): Relay common;
6. Normally closed terminal (NC): relay normally closed terminal;
Type: 1-Channel
Relay Voltage: 12V
Output Capacity: within DC 30V 30A or AC 250V 30A
Quiescent Current: 5mA
Maximum Current: 12V: 80mA
Trigger Current: 5mA
Module Size: 66 * 40 * 22mm
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