4pin RGB Module KY-016 Three Colors 3 Color RGB LED Sensor Module for Arduino ky016

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RGB LED module made from a plugin full-color LED, through the R, G, B three pin PWM voltage input can adjust the three primary colors (red/blue/green) strength so as to realize full color melange effect.With the Arduino module can realize the control of cool lighting effects.
Second, the product parameters:
Product Features:
1. The use of plug-in full-color LED
2. The RGB tricolor current-limiting resistance to prevent burn out
(3) is obtained by PWM adjusting three primary colors can mix different colors
4. With a variety of single chip microcomputer interface
5. Working voltage: 5 v
Module Parameters:
1. The PCB size: 15 mm * 10.6 mm
2. PCB color: green
3. USES 5050 full-color super bright LED
4. To prevent burn resistor LED
5. Can meet all kinds of single chip microcomputer
6. High light LED
7. Working voltage: 3.3 V / 5 V
8. Weight: 4 g
9. Can be used directly plugged into the motherboard Arduino, without dupont lines to connect

9 Items