DIY KIT Automatic Irrigation Module Moisture Sensor.

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The description:

- Test relay module: connect the terminal of relay module VCC to 5V, GND to earth, IN to GND, the relay will jump and when IN is suspended, the relay will resume, repeatedly you can hear the sound of the relay clicking .
- Test the soil moisture sensor module: Connect the fork probe and the transmitter module with two DuPont wires. VCC transmitter module is connected to 5V, GND is earthed. When the power is on, the red power light is always on, and the green (blue) light blinks once. Fork probe is used. Directly inserted into the water
- the red line of the water pump is connected to 5V, the black line is grounded, the pump is working, pay attention to the test for 1 second, and it is not allowed to work in the air for a long time period.
- Tips: The pump can not work long time in the air.
- Connect the system, switch it on and if the pump is working, it is okay. Because in the air, the probe cannot detect humidity, there is no problem if it is installed correctly in the pot.

- specification:

- Color: as pictures shown
- Material: plastic + electronic components
- Cable length: approx. 18cm / 7.09inch
- Battery box size: approx. 6x7cm / 2.36x2.76inch
- Transparent hose length: approx. 96cm / 37.8inch

The package includes:

1 piece relay module
1 piece soil moisture sensor + comparison module
1 small water pump
1 piece battery box
1 Piece USB Power Cable
sold without manual