Mote - Complete kit (Controllers + 4 LED strips + cables)

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x1 Complete kit (Controllers + 4 LED strips + cables)

Mote is the most elegant way to light your house (or your boat)! Ideal for lighting under shelves or under furniture,

Mote consists of a USB controller, with four channels, which connects via a USB A to micro B cable to your computer, and up to four RGB LED strips APA102 with 16 pixels each (for a total of 64 pixels per controller USB, although the firmware can theoretically handle 128 pixels per channel).

The USB controller can be powered directly from your computer, but we have provided a power boost port to which you can connect a 2 + A power supply, to increase pixel brightness to retina levels.

Of course, you can have multiple USB controllers running on the same computer, so your only real limitation is to provide enough power.

We have designed Mote to work equally well with all types of computers you have, be it Linux (inc. Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B +), Mac or Windows.

16-pixel APA102 RGB LED strips (18 cm long, 4 strips included in the complete kit)
USB controller with four micro USB channels
Connects to your computer with a USB A to micro B cable (included in the complete kit)
Micro USB port to increase pixel brightness
Custom cables (4 x 1 m Mote cables included in the complete kit)
Ideal for mood lighting, shelf or cabinet lighting
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B +, A +, Zero, Mac and Windows
Our Mote Python library ( contains a bunch of examples showing you how, for example, to display a rainbow animation, or to link Mote to the Cheerlights API (http: // Crowd of light colors.

We have prepared a tutorial ( showing you how to control Mote with your iPhone and Siri voice command, and Richard Ruston ( from Raspberry Jam Berlin) wrote an Android app to control Mote with your Android phone.

Check out our getting started guide to get started with Mote. (Https://

Our software does not support Raspbian Wheezy.

The distance between the centers of the mounting holes is 167 mm and we recommend a 4 g x 1/2 "(2.9 x 13 mm) round head screw for mounting.

5 Items

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