OLED Shield for Wemos mini d1 - 64 x 48 - 0.66 "

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OLED 64 × 48 pixels
     0.66 "diagonal
     Shield for Wemos D1
     I2C interface
     Version: v2.0.0

Here is a shield that offers a display of 0.66 "(1.67cm) for Wemos D1 mini or wemos D1 mini pro.
With this shield, you have a display area of 64x48 pixels to display a status, text or icons.

The shield operates under 3.3v and uses the I2C bus (pins D1 & D2) to display the information on the screen (address 0x3C or 0x3D on the bus). As mentioned by Wemos, this shield can be used with the Sparkfun OLED library or the Adafruit SSD1306 library for Arduino (see resource section below).

The OLED shield has 2 small buttons (A and B) that can be configured with solder jumper (under the card). Each of the buttons can be connected to one of Wemos pins D3
link:  link wiki wemos



8 Items