ESP8266 NodeMcu WIFI card D1 mini version for wemos

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Controller 2 continuous motors
    Output current: 1.2A (3.2A peak)
    Motor voltage: 4.5 to 13.5V
    I2C interface
    Based on TB6612 double bridge-H

This shield uses the powerful TB6612 controller including a double H-bridge and custom firmware managed by a STM32F030F4 microcontroller. The firmware acts as a slave on the I2C bus and receives the data and instructions via the I2C bus. These instructions are translated by the microcontroller to drive the double bridge-H TB6612.

The firmware manages the rotation of the motors in the CW and CCW direction (ClockWise = Clockwise sense and Counter ClockWise = Anti-clockwise direction), short brake (braking by connecting the coils to ground) and shutdown. The firmware includes a "standby" mode to save energy. Standby mode can be activated via I2C or an external signal (see the configuration jumpers under the card).

The shield can handle two motors, motor A connected to outputs A1-A2 and motor B connected to terminals B1-B2. The motors are powered by an external power source (the VM pin and the common ground) supported by a capacity welded to the card.

The best for last, since the card uses the I2C bus (pins D1 and D2) + Reset signal, it saves many inputs / outputs on the Wemos. Even better, the STM32F030F4 microcontroller exposes two address jumpers AD1 and AD0. This allows to have 4 different addresses (default 0x30) and thus to use up to 4 motor shields on the Wemos for a total of 8 engines

link: link wiki wemos


5 Items

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