Shield DC power supply for Wemos D1

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Input voltage: 7 to 24V
    Max Current: 1A
    Reverse polarization protection.

This shield can be used to power a Wemos project from a DC power source such as a wall power supply or battery pack. The input voltage must be between 7V and 24V DC. The shield is equipped with a 5.5mm jack power connector (identical to those used by Arduino, positive center). The jack connector is replicated on pads to connect a terminal block (to feed the card directly). The connection pads can also be used to recover the power source for the rest of the project (for example: to power motors).

The card includes a protection diode to protect the card against reverse bias. It is possible to bridge this diode by closing jumper J1 (which allows to lower the minimum voltage necessary to operate the shield).

Behind the protection diode we find a step-down MP2359 converter. This converter provides a current of 1A under 5V for your Wemos projects. The MP2359 is capable of providing current peaks at 1.2A.

Schematic: (PDF)


8 Items