X10 Connection cables for LED Strip 2 Pin Monochrome SMD 5050 5630 10mm

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Compatible with waterproof and non-waterproof SMD 5050/5630 single color LED strips. Not for SMD3528 LED strips.
1.Make sure your LED strip is 10mm wide and has 2 contacts (and -).
2. Open the white connector clasp
3.If you use a non-waterproof LED strip (without silicon on the surface), simply insert the LED light strip into the clasp of this cable, under the pins. Be sure to match the - and the LED strip with the and - on the connector.
If you use a waterproof LED strip (with silicon on the surface of the led strip), you must first peel off the silicon on the surface around the solder / cut area, then insert the LED strip. Make sure to match the and - on the tape with the and - on the connector.
4. Close the connector.
pull on the LED strip to confirm that you have made a solid connection.

Additional function:
If you need to connect your tape to a drive or power supply, you can cut a connector to solder that cable to your drive or power supply.

Important note:
If the connection is loose, the LEDs blink or do not light. To ensure good connection and good electrical conductivity, follow this trick:
After inserting the LED strip into the connector, before closing the connector cap, pull slightly and press the LED strip to adjust the connection point until the LEDs light up. If the LEDs do not light up, use your finger to press a little on the 2 metal contacts of the connector, until the LEDs light up.

The package includes:
10x 2-pin connection cable for 5050/5630 SMD LED Strip 10mm wide 17cm long

3 Items