TTL turn RS485 module 485 to serial UART level mutual conversion hardware automatic flow control

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Module highlights:

(1) 3.3V and 5.0V power perfect compatibility

(2) 3.3V and 5.0V signal perfect compatibility

(3) the absolute adopts imported chip, industrial design, strong anti-interference ability, at the same time, adopt more effective lightning protection design, 485 can be used in industrial field and field under the harsh environment, the working temperature of 40  to + 85 , the transmission distance of km (with 850 m 2 * 1.5 cable testing, suggest use within 800 meters, more than 800 meters please add repeater)

(4) the half hole process design, plate thickness 0.8mm, can be easily as composite plate, can also be used for welding terminal

(5) has the RXD, TXD signal indicator lights, send and receive status panoramic view

The module features:

(1)This module fully considered485BusLightning protection designAnti interference Design When the long-distance transmission in the field, the "Earth" of the module is connected to the earth, which can play a very good role in anti interference and lightning protection.485Bus is more secure; indoor short distance transmission can not access the earth.

(2) with a standard2.54Spacing design to facilitate your two development

(3Have 120Ou matching resistance, short connectR0Can match the resistance, long distance transmission is recommended.

(4Support multi machine communication, allowing access to the most 128A device on the bus

(5This module can be hot plug, no other 485Chip hot swap signal plug phenomenon

(6Large area laying copper, preventing signal interference

19 Items