RobotDyn Rotary Encoder Module

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The rotary encoder module is an angular measuring device. It is used to precisely measure the 24-steps rotation of knob that can turn infinitely (with no end stop like a potentiometer has). The rotary encoder module also has a pushbutton when you press on the axis (like the ones used for navigation on many music controllers).

Arduino sketch:

int val; 
int encoder0PinA = 3; 
int encoder0PinB = 4; 
int encoder0Pos = 0; 
int encoder0PinALast = LOW; 
int n = LOW; 

void setup() 

pinMode (encoder0PinA,INPUT);
pinMode (encoder0PinB,INPUT);
Serial.begin (9600);


void loop() 
n = digitalRead(encoder0PinA); 
if ((encoder0PinALast == LOW) && (n == HIGH)) { 

if (digitalRead(encoder0PinB) == LOW)



  else { 
Serial.print (encoder0Pos); 
Serial.print ("/"); 
encoder0PinALast = n; 

11 Items

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