4S 30A Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Protection Board

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overcharge detection voltage :4.25±0.025V
overcharge Lift the voltage:4.15±0.05V
over discharge detection voltage :2.50±0.08V
over discharge Lift the voltage:3.00±0.1V
overcurrent current:20-30A

working current:15A(Natural cooling 10A, add heat sink 15A, the maximum instantaneous current 30A)
Remove protection condition automatic recovery, without activation

Termination conditions:the release of protection condition then automatic recovery, without activation (optional charger to activate)
Main functions: the overcharge protection function, overdischarge protection, short-circuit protection, over current protection.
Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees (high temperature environment and please strengthen radiating)
Connection: welding output
Module size: 50mm*22mm*4mm

The protective board can be used as the nominal voltage of 14.4V, 14.8V, 16.8V four series of polymer lithium battery group, four series of 18650 lithium batteries as overcharge and over discharge, short circuit protection. Without the activation function in the power application for high instantaneous current,and in inverter application for avoid false triggering protection.So it will use more convenient.

36 Items