IO Sensor Shield V5 Expansion Card for the XBee Card

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The XBee Sensor Shield IO Expansion Board is evolving. It not only supports RS485, APC220, Bluetooth communication, servo control but also supports the SD card which provides the ultimate functional expansion for controllers so far.


    Extension of 14 digital I / O ports (12 SERVO interface) and power supply;
    Six analog IO ports
    An external power supply terminal DIGITAL PORT;
    Automatic switching between an external power supply via the digital port and an integrated power supply;
    An external power input terminal and an input pin
    RS485 interface
    Reset button
    Bluetooth Xbee / Bluetooh Bee wireless data interface
    APC220 / Bluetooh V3 Bluetooth Wireless Data Interface
    IIC / I2C / TWI interface
    3.3 VDC output port
    SD card module interface
    Xbee Support (Xbee Pro)
    RS485 support
    APC220 support
    Bluetooth support
    Support SD card read / write

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