XY-P15W Bluetooth Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board

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Product Features

Product Name: Bluetooth stereo audio power amplifier board
Product model: XY-P15W
Supply voltage: DC: 8 ~ 24V
Bluetooth version: 5.0

Connect distance: 15 meters (visible)

Output mode: Stereo

Output power (@ 1KHz):

16W * 2 @ 12V 4Ω
10W * 2 @ 12V 8Ω
15W * 2 @ 16V 8Ω
20W * 2 @ 20V 8Ω

30W * 2 @ 24V 8Ω (cooling fin):

Selected speaker (30W ~ 150W)
4Ω (8 ~ 12V power supply)
8Ω (8 ~ 24V power supply)
16Ω (8 ~ 24V power supply)


when powered on, the blue LED is on and switches to Bluetooth mode; Waiting for pairing after the audio signal; Turn on the bluetooth phone, “XY-P15W” will be searched and displayed; click on the
“XY-P15W”, it will connect to the board. It successfully connects with an audio signal; After that, you can play the music. The power amplifier board will prepare for the next pairing with an audio signal, when the Bluetooth is disconnected.


Keep 2 meters from the router to avoid WIFI interference
8 ~ 24VDC is recommended; Higher than 26V, it will be damaged.
Load 4Ω, the power supply should be less than 12V; And 8Ω load, the power supply should be less than 24V.
The supply current should be at least 2A.
If the module is operating at 20W x 2, a heat sink will be required.
The line connecting the speaker with the module should be less than one meter.
Electrostatic discharge protection, please release the electrostatic discharge on your hands before contacting the module.
30W speakers are recommended.

6 Items

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