Double USB 5V 1A/2.1A Mobile Power Charger Board Step Up Boost Bank Charging Module

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1.Input:micro USB interface 5V 1A
2.Output:USB female port 1-5V 1A;USB female port-2 5V 2.1A  
3.Function:double USB output
4.Display:4 LEDs to display battery capacity
5.Protection:overcharging protection,overcurrent protection,overdischarging protection,high temperature protection,electric leakage protection
6.Battery positive connects with chip B+,battery negative connects with B-.Please notice that don't transposition,or it will cause great damage to the module
8.Conversion Rate:>=85%
9.Press switch,the indicator light will be on,and it will start to charge;when the bettery is fully discharged,it will stop output automatically