AC/DC 12V 1.5A Voltage Regulator Filter Rectifier Module L7812 Step-Down Power

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The board level filter using 50V1000UF capacitor, the input voltage does not worry about the capacitor breakdown below 40V, after using 25V1000UF as a buffer capacitor filter, L7812 is equipped with a heat sink, and a reverse protection diode, which can meet the high current output. In order to facilitate the use of this board design with power indicator and switch, the use of the development process does not have to go back and forth plug power.

   1. board size: 62*33mm

   2. input voltage range: 15V-25V

   3. output fixed voltage: 12V (error 0.7V)

   4. maximum output current: 1.5A

   5. frequency range: 50-60HZ

   6 .with fixed bolt hole for easy installation

3 Items

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