L7812 Regulator Power Supply Module 12V 1.5A Rectifier Power Converter

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This board uses full-wave bridge rectifier, AC and DC both can be input, and the input is not need to distinguish polarity. Filtering using 2pcs 35V 220UF large capacity electrolytic capacitor to do buffer filtering, It can make the output current stable smooth. L7812 is equipped with a heat sink and 3A rectifier bridge, It can meet the large current continuous output.
It is commonly used in DIY power supply, monitor power supply, laboratory power supply, camera power supply, automotive power, communications equipment power supply and so on.

Module Size: 43mm x 20mm
Input Voltage: DC 15-24V or AC 12-18V
Load adjustment Rate: 100mV
Quiescent Current: 8mA
Output noise Voltage: 42uV
Input/output differential Pressure: 2V
Output Impedance: 15mΩ
Peak Current: 1.5A

25 Items

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