XL4005 5A CC CV Buck Step-down Power Supply Module Lithium Charger for Arduino

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The module properties: non - isolation step-down module

Input module parameters:

Voltage range: 4.5 - 30 V

Output current range: 0.1 - 5 A

Output voltage range: 0.8 - 30 V (adjustable)

The light output range: 0.1 - 5A

Working temperature: - 40 -- 85 °

Working frequency: 300 KHZ

PWM control Frequencerange: 100-300 hz

Range of transition: up to 95% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current and pressure difference)

Overtemperature protection:Yes (after overtemperature shutdown output)

Reverse connect protection:yes (input power transmission capacity greater than 2, reverse connection protection is invalid)

Module size: 64.5 mm *28.1 mm*20mm(L*W*H)