I2C LCD 1602 / 2004 Adapter Board Module for Arduino PCF8574 8 bit IO Expander

I2C LCD 1602 / 2004 Adapter Board Module for Arduino Onboard Contrast Adjustment Potentiometer and PCF8574 8 bit IO Expander

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This is a mini 1602 / 2004 character LCD adapter board with I2C interface. Small size, light weight, and it can make the Ar duino or other microcontroller to control the 16-pin 1602/2004 LCD through I2C interface. With Ar duino library, it is very easy to use.

Product Features:
- I2C Address: 0x20 or 0x38
- Contrast Adjust :  Potentiometer
- Operating voltage: 4.5 - 5.3VDC
- Interface level: 5V TTL
- Ar

duino Library: LiquidCrystal_I2C
- Support LCD: 1602 or 2004 character LCD
- Great for DIY

useful link: I2C LCD Adapter.zip



17 Items

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