Converter Board IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface Module for LCD1602 2004

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You can change the 7 address (0X20-0X27-0x3F); parallel 8 LCD1602 screen, 7 screen lit simultaneously display different information. (Supports standard the 1602,1604,2004 screen)

for Arduino control panel IO port only 20, plus some sensors, SD card Han, the relay and other modules more, IO port is not enough,
The original 1602/2004 screen requires seven IO port to drive up, we developed this module can help you save 5 IO port, we send for arduino function library

Product parameters:

1. Size: 41.5mm (length) * 19mm (width) * 15.3mm (height)

2. Weight: 5g

3.PCB color: black

4. Power supply voltage: 2.5-6V

5. Support I2C protocol

6. With backlight power control, you can set the jumper cap is connected to the backlight power supply. Plug in the jumper cap to connect the backlight power, unplug the jumper cap to disconnect the backlight power

7. Contrast adjustable, rotating blue potentiometer, clockwise enhanced, anti-clockwise weakened. Potentiometer design in the front, convenient for customers to adjust freely anytime, anywhere

8. Modules can be cascaded up to 8 cascades. Change the device address by shorting A0 / A1 / A2. The default address is 0x27

58 Items

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